Abortion, Yay or Nay?

For the longest time I was so against abortion, because it’s basically killing a human. I don’t think it was until eighth grade that I started to think differently. What if a student in high school was raped and then became pregnant? What if they couldn’t handle the baby? What if the baby brought health issues?

They’d be bringing life into the world, but they wouldn’t be able to take care of the baby. Some people may only want an abortion for simply having a “mistake” one night, but is it right to deprive girls/women of having an abortion if they can’t handle it? Children are blessings, but having them too early wouldn’t help anyone.

As more time passes, I become more okay with the idea of abortion, even though it does make me sad knowing a baby won’t have the chance to come into our world. I don’t think people should use abortions as a way to clean up an irresponsible act, but I’m not in the right place to judge them since I don’t actually know the person. It depends on the person.

I’m not stupid though, so I know people under the age of eighteen are having sex. It wouldn’t make me feel too bad if one of them got pregnant, since it was their choice to have sex, but they should still have a choice, because they have such a huge life ahead of them.

I don’t believe abortion is good, but I believe it should be legal. Abortion is a decision made by the mother and father of the baby. they have to decide what’s right for them and if they’re ready to introduce a baby into the world.

What’s your opinion on abortion?