Random acts of kindness

Who here doesn't love when a stranger does something kind like opening a door for them? I know some people don't, but I for one love that. About a week ago┬áit was raining while I was at school. I had a hood, but didn't want to use it, because I love the rain. It just... Continue Reading →


You deserve to live

For starters this does not just apply to girls. It applies to everyone. You all deserve to live. We've been given a tremendous gift, so we should savor it. Don't take it for granted. "This is for the girls who are constantly reminded how they're ugly. When they're with their crush who pays no attention... Continue Reading →


Where do I even begin? This Friday was my birthday. My mother had to work, and I understood. I was actually pleased, because I got to spend the day at my best friend's house and also spend the night. She's like my sister, so I was pretty happy. After school we went to Starbuck's and... Continue Reading →


Today I learned how difficult it is to sell advertisements. Being in a student run journalism at my school, means we get no money whatsoever from the school. The money used to make our newspaper comes from subscribers, and businesses who want to place their adds in our paper. Our paper is a pretty good... Continue Reading →

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