Random acts of kindness


Who here doesn’t love when a stranger does something kind like opening a door for them? I know some people don’t, but I for one love that. About a week ago it was raining while I was at school. I had a hood, but didn’t want to use it, because I love the rain. It just makes me feel so fresh.

Anyways, I was walking to my last class when I heard someone behind me say “Why don’t girls carry umbrellas?” I thought whoever said it was talking to a friend or something, but then I realized no more raindrops were falling on me. I looked up and saw some random person I had never even seen before holding an umbrella over me. I told him he didn’t have to do that, but it didn’t bother him. He walked with me up until I was under one of the sheds in the hallway. Before I could even say “thank you” he had left.

How had someone I’d never even noticed before become my superhero? For days it bothered me that I didn’t even know his name. Even now, if I saw him again I’d thank him right away and ask for his name, so I could properly thank him.

For some reason, where I live I find it rare for stuff like that to happen. I couldn’t stop smiling that day. As I write this, I’m still smiling. It’s mystical how one small deed can make such a difference.

I’m sure we all do small things like opening doors for people and other stuff like that, but the more we do it, the more people begin to think of it as normal. Now that, would be something. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be thankful, because we should, but shouldn’t it also just be a norm to be polite? We can do so much more than we actually believe.


You deserve to live

For starters this does not just apply to girls. It applies to everyone. You all deserve to live. We’ve been given a tremendous gift, so we should savor it. Don’t take it for granted.

“This is for the girls who are constantly reminded how they’re ugly.
When they’re with their crush who pays no attention to them.
When they’re at home in their room, staring into the mirror.
When they’re with their best friend who is flawless.
This is for the girls who are constantly told what to do and when to do it.
When you’re with your friends, they tell you how to become more perfect.
When you’re with your teachers who call you dumb because you answered wrong.
When you’re with your family whose expectations are beyond high.
This is for the girls who spend most of their time in their room.
When they say they’re okay, but as soon as the door closes, they’re bawling.
When they just have to turn up the music a little louder to forget the pain.
When they’re totally zoned out into a daydream for whatever reason.
When they need to get away from school, family and friend problems.
This is for the girls who sit in the back of the class.
When their crush doesn’t notice them, so they just give up.
When they don’t want to be noticed by the teacher.
When they want to get away from the constant notes and pain.
When their friendships aren’t working out anymore.
This is for the girls that don’t eat because they’re ‘fat’.
When you’re sitting by all your perfect, skinny friends.
When you don’t want to look like a fatty eating a burger in front of your crush.
When your family is concerned about your weight.
When you get notes written for you to feel pain.
This is for the girls who cut to reduce the extreme pain.
When they’re bullied because they’re ‘not good enough’.
When they’re hearing yells from their family and bottles thrown.
When they can’t hide the frown anymore.
This is for the girls:
Who cut.
Who starve.
Who cry every day.
Who are bullied.
Who tried to kill themselves.
This is for the broken girls all over the world.
To me, you’re Perfect. Flawless. Thin. Curvy. Beautiful. Amazing.
Worth It. Strong. Good Enough. To me, 

You deserve to live.

That’s all I really want to say. There’s just so much negativity nowadays, but we don’t need it. So chin up. Go conquer the world. I’ll always be beside you.


Where do I even begin?

This Friday was my birthday. My mother had to work, and I understood. I was actually pleased, because I got to spend the day at my best friend’s house and also spend the night. She’s like my sister, so I was pretty happy. After school we went to Starbuck’s and just talked a bit.

I was already in a good mood, because my brother had texted me saying “Happy birthday!” It made me smile all day, because we don’t talk a lot, and it’s the most emotion I’ve gotten out of him through text, or so it seems.

Anyway, when we got to her house she looked around a bit, but then went upstairs. I took off my shoes and noticed I got mud on my hands, so i went to go rinse them in her bathroom upstairs. When I got out of the bathroom she scared me and whispered something. I was laughing as we walked down the stairs wondering why she whispered. When we turned into one of the rooms,  all I heard was “Surprise!”

I was in shock. She had thrown me a birthday party. Never in my life had I had one with friends. I would always have a family party with my brother, or celebrate with a few cousins. I have anxiety, so when they all screamed I got really scared and sat on the opposite couch they all sat on. It was a pretty big couch, so most of them fit.

I was quiet for a long time, just in shock. I’ve never been too crazy about my birthday, but the fact they all did this for me meant a lot. I felt cared for. I felt special. I felt happy.

They made me open presents [mostly chocolate >:) ]. I was still really flustered though, so we eventually went outside in the rain. They even bought a cake, and one them made cookies. We had a lot of food.

I could sit here and explain everything that happened, but that isn’t what this is about. Honestly, I’m not sure what this is about, but in a way, it’s a thank you. I know not all of them will read this, but I needed to let it out. I wanted to cry on my birthday for how grateful I felt, but I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt so at peace being surrounded by these people. They are honestly my world. Having the issues I’ve had with my family, my friends have always been a key support system for me. I don’t know who I’d be without them.

I even had a few serious discussions with some of my friends, and I just felt so thankful for the people around me. Not all the people who were invited showed up, but that didn’t matter at the time. I know they care about me.

It’s weird how I can feel so alone in this huge world one day, but feel like the center of the universe the next. I’m not the type of person who does well with attention, but I managed to handle this. My friends are my universe. They mean the world to me. I still can’t believe that night happened. I’d relive it over and over again if I could, but I’d also miss out on all the future crazy adventures we’ll have.

What was the best birthday you ever had?


Today I learned how difficult it is to sell advertisements. Being in a student run journalism at my school, means we get no money whatsoever from the school. The money used to make our newspaper comes from subscribers, and businesses who want to place their adds in our paper.

Our paper is a pretty good edition. It’s even better than some college papers, in my opinion of course. Without the “donations” we have no newspaper to create, at least in a tangible form. (We post our stories on our website as well, since not every story can fit into the paper).

Anyways, when we went to seek ads, we had partners. My partner and I went with a few other people, so we had a group of about 6 people. We had designated areas, giving us four different locations to go. Keep in mind, only one person could drive us all. My friend driving us had an appointment at four, so we had to finish up before that.

We had to do it for credit, so we had to get their signatures to prove we were there. What I realized is how rude people are, as well as how kind others are. I’m not going to get into details, but there are some nasty people out there.

Some tips I learned today were:

  • bring copies of your newspaper (did that)
  • be polite and friendly (did that)
  • don’t be upset when no one buys an add (did that)

Basically, we ended up not having enough time to go to the place my partner and I were supposed to go, so we’re going on Saturday. Yay! I love being social. *sarcasm* I’m as unsocial as they get in public.

Welp! That’s it for today I guess. Have you ever had to sell stuff? Are you unsocial and awkward like me? Let me know in the comments! See you soon!