How to survive finals week

Ah yes, the dreaded finals week. Of course, before finals week comes dead week. I don't know why, but dead week doesn't really mean anything to me. Finals week though? Ugh, kill me. Thankfully, my finals are now over, but I have to return to school tomorrow. Sadness. Oh well. I have to go back... Continue Reading →


27 quotes to motivate you to write

I love quotes. I look at them when I wake up every morning, and I love to find new ones. On my english binder I have a bunch of quotes that motivate me to write. I thought I might as well share them. Who knows? Some people might enjoy them like I do. 1) "Look... Continue Reading →

West Side Story

Love. Humor. Sadness. Regret. Life. West Side Story. This Friday I watched a play that had some of my friends in it. First of all, I love plays, but having people you know in it make it even better. Yes, I only knew four people, but it made me want to see the play even... Continue Reading →

Hello, 2015

Happy New Year! Yup, it's officially 2015, and if you didn't know that, I'm a little worried. New Year is such an exciting time for most people. There are gatherings and other fun events people go to. People tend to make New Year resolutions/goals. It's invigorating, because it's a fresh start. Here are my views... Continue Reading →

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