No pity parties here 

You know those moments where you feel down, but you want to prove to everyone that you're alright? I'm having that right now. Honestly a lot happened to me this week, but in a year it won't matter.  I will get over it. Yeah, it hurts right now but most of what happened I had... Continue Reading →


Time is weird

Time goes by so fast. Obvious, right? I mean, we all hear this all the time, but then there are those moments when you really look back and take the time to see what's happened in such a short amount of time. I started writing stories online about 3 years ago, but if you asked... Continue Reading →

CAHSEE schedule

CAHSEE schedule is a blessing.You guessed it! It's that blessed time of year where freshmen and sophomores take the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) and juniors and seniors get to arrive at school late.Being a junior, I am extremely excited. I take a zero period, meaning I start school at 7:23 on most days, but 8:41 on Tuesdays.... Continue Reading →

I’m a fighter

Do you ever feel like you're just so numb? I know that for awhile I practically trained myself to be numb. I know I'm not. In fact, nowadays I'm trying to make the numbness go away, because it's almost like I don't react at all. I try to be numb so I won't let others hurt... Continue Reading →

“One Day”

I know it isn't right to make assumptions, but everyone I've met has a "one day". One day I'll go to Australia. One day I'll be President. One day I'll leave this place. One day. When is "one day"? How do you know when your "one day" is here?" Why would you even want to... Continue Reading →

Book Crazy

Hello again! Yeah, so I need to just get this off my chest. I am slightly insane when it comes to books, and in general too, but that's okay. Okay, I know many people love to read, but I think I'm actually insane. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing either. Honestly, I don't... Continue Reading →

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