My big brother

        What happened to my big brother that I would always look up to? Did he just vanish into thin air, or did he just become a different person? He use to be the type of brother who would always take care of me, the brother that always knew my likes and dislikes better... Continue Reading →


New story ideas

Being a writer, ideas either pop up every where all at once, or completely avoid you leaving you to beg for your imaginary friends to talk to you. I'm not that crazy, I promise, but seriously, when I get an idea for a story it actually feels like there are voices in my head acting... Continue Reading →

The dream is to travel

Journeys, adventures, traveling. That is the life I want to live. I'm not the kind of person who wants to just sit at an office all day. I don't want to settle down right after college, like some people might. I want to be able to live in different countries and experience the lives of... Continue Reading →

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