Introvert or extrovert?

Honestly, I have no clue what I am. I’ve always been really shy, so I’ve just sort of assumed that I’m an introvert. I’m a pretty awkward person and not very social, but lately I’ve heard people say I’m an extrovert. Um, what?

I’m not a quiet person. In fact, I can be the loudest person in the room, but I try to remain calm and be more observant. I’m also very weird, and I will laugh at anything and everything. Did I mention I have no idea how to act at social events like dances? Seriously I slow-danced with two of my friends last night, and during one I kept babbling because I was so nervous, and during the other I literally had two left feet and kept muttering sorry under my breath.

Yeah so um back to the main point of this story…

I’m not the kind of person who feels the need to be around people all the time, but I also don’t like staying in my room all day, even though I usually do. Yes, I love me-time, but I like going places. I like hanging out and doing stuff, but I don’t mind staying home and writing all day or watching White Collar on Netflix.

I know there are people who are extroverted introverts, but I don’t think that’s me either, because I’m usually not going to be the one to start conversation. If I don’t know you I will probably be dead silent, but if you do know me I won’t shut up about the most random stuff.

Ultimately I don’t want to be labeled as an introvert or an extrovert, because that feels like a cage to me. Like if I’m an introvert I must act like one. No way. I’m me. I don’t care what you think I am. You can call me an introvert or an extrovert, but it won’t make a difference to me.

Some days I’m quiet. Some days I’m loud. Everyday is different, and to feel tied down to a label defining my personality irks me. I don’t care what I am as long as I’m happy. There are some labels I love that I get from my friends like weird, unique, and loyal.

Hm, I wonder what house I would be in at Hogwarts though… Don’t pretend you’ve never thought about it.