Pricey books

Hey again! This is just a short mini post/rant about books being expensive.

Before you start, I know that there are reasonably priced books as well, but it’s so frustrated going to a book store and only having enough money on me to buy like three books. I don’t even go that much, because my mom complains about the prices.

I don’t even have that many books, yet she seems to think otherwise. Honest, I only have one shelf lined up. I’m not really into audio books or ebooks, because I’m that idiot who likes the smell of new books.

No, but really. I prefer holding a book in my hand. I find that I pace myself a lot better.

The most annoying thing is that old books are expensive. I understand the new ones, since they’re new (obviously), but why are the older books so expensive?

Ugh, okay. I’m done. I know paper is expensive, but it still makes me sad. I could probably own my own library and still want more books. Oh well.


Pizza parlor

Hey there again! It’s finally summer, and I’ve been spending my time doing things, but then it hit me how long it’s been since I blogged. I’m sorry. A lot’s been happening, but that’s no excuse, so let’s get into this.

When I was younger, around kindergarten, my aunt and uncle sold their old Indian restaurant and opened up a pizza parlor with my parents. Basically, the pizza parlor was my second home up until about fourth grade.

I went there practically every day after school and would stay until closing. I remember falling asleep on the booths looking up at the gum under the table. It never grossed me out though. My brother and I did our homework there, but we also brought our game systems. We knew every nook and cranny of that place.

All us kids use to go to the back room and box each other with actual boxes, or we’d play wall-ball behind the building with the thousands of mini bouncy balls we had won from the games.

It’s crazy to think of the memories we had in that place. I came to love it there. There was a small arcade and endless pizza. Awesome, right? The pizza place was also in a great location, so there was plenty around us like a bowling alley and an ice cream parlor. It was my heaven.

I think my favorite part was seeing the familiar faces of the recurring customers and the friendly employees I still remember. There was also a fair every year that I’d go to with my cousins and brother. It was amazing.

Being the youngest, I never actually worked unlike the other kids, but I made stuff for myself. I was always so nervous to actually talk to a customer. I still get nervous when I order my own food, but I wish I had worked a few times, because I feel like it would have eased my social anxiety.

Eventually, we had to sell that pizza parlor, since my parents were getting a divorce and problems were arising. My uncle and aunt opened up a few others in different locations, but it wasn’t the same to me. I had lost one of my homes.

Anyways, recently I went with my cousin to one of their pizza places and I realized how reminiscent it made me. I didn’t know anyone, and the games were all different, so it felt so strange and foreign to me. Of course, I devoured way more pizza than I should have, but that’s alright. Going there is what inspired this post though. I don’t know if it was interesting, but it was a puzzle piece to my life.

I hope you’ve all having a great day, and I’ll talk to you guys later. Until next time.

Thoughts of 5/31/2015

It’s May 31, 2015 8:01 p.m.

So I have no idea what this post will be about, but I really wanted to blog. Who says you need to make a specific post about something anyway?

As I was typing that I saw a cat jump onto my balcony, and it scared me so I kind of dropped my laptop… I’ve never seen this cat before. Anyways…

Well, there are only 2 weeks of school left and then it’s summer! I was thinking of applying to be in our little choir council, but I still need to print the application form. I should do that. Still gotta do all of my homework as well. Oh well. I still have time.

How’s your day been? I feel like I did absolutely nothing today, which is really bothering me. I know, I know, the simple solution is to get up and do something. I’m not sure what to do though, so I found myself here. Voila! Magic!

I swear I’m such a weirdo. I apologize if you know me.

Back to summer, I feel like I should be more excited, but I’m kind of whatever about it. I mean hooray for having a break from school, but I’m pretty bummed about all the seniors leaving. I’m actually really excited for the classes I’m taking next year too, so that should be fun.

Someone explain to me why Forensics is an elective and not a science.

Honestly, school should be pretty great next year. The more I think about it though I realize how scared I am of growing up. I mean, of course there’s plenty I’m excited about, but it’s scary too. We all go through it though, so I will too.

I really want to just keep writing, but I don’t even know what to write. I think I’m going to just start randomly babbling about my life now, (as if I wasn’t before) so I’m just going to end this post here I think.

Thanks for reading! Hope you’re having an awesome day!