Story time: Scream

Hello all! I was thinking about what to blog about, when I remembered a funny story from when I was a little tiny tot.

At the time, I was terrified by everything that happened, but it’s really funny when I look back on it. I still can’t watch a scary movie alone though. Even with other people, I need a giant pillow that I peek over and as I morph into a little ball.

So here’s the story of when I called the cops on my brother….

Two siblings, one who is around six and the other is around eleven, home alone watching Scream at night.

At the time, the younger sibling was getting really tired. She was only watching the movie, because she’d never have the chance to watch it when her parents were home.

Being so little, the tiny girl fell asleep, but not before hearing her brother say Scream would come get her if she fell asleep.

The girl was woken up by her elder brother dressed up as Scream right in front of her face. She looked at the clock to see them set at twelve, but in reality it was only about nine. Her brother had changed the clocks. For some reason, midnight was a scary time.

The child ran for the front door, but was met by another kid dressed in a costume similar to Scream, but this one had blood flowing down the mask. This boy happened to be her elder brother’s best friend and neighbor. After slamming the door shut she ran upstairs and hit in her parents closet.

Once she thought it was safe, she crawled underneath her parents’ bed only to then call the police; however, she hung up as soon as they answered, because she was scared that Scream would hear her.

When she heard her parents downstairs she sprinted down and sobbed into their legs. Meanwhile, her brother was laughing on the stairs, still in his costume, but the mask was off now.

Of course, the doorbell rang, and there stood two police officers. That only made the elder child laugh more.

The girl hid behind her parents, scared of the police officers, thinking they’d be mad for wasting their time. She wouldn’t even take the sticker they gave her.

Let’s just say the older sibling got into a lot of trouble.


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