Death Note

First off, to everyone who told me to watch this show in middle school, you were all right.

Actually, I’m kind of glad I watched it now, because my understanding of it was probably much better than it would have been.

I kind of wish I had written this last night, right after I finished the anime. Oh well. Too late now.

Seriously though, this anime is most definitely one of the better ones. It’s not a stereotypical anime people normally think of. It’s not a feel-good show either. It does make you really think though.

I went into the show knowing the ending, at least a pretty significant part. I still didn’t know a lot though, so many parts of the show took me by surprise. The characters were absolutely phenomenal.

Being the same age as Light when he found the notebook, I could sort of relate to him. I’m a very idealistic person for the most part. I found myself questioning if what Light was doing was actually wrong. Yes, he basically became a serial killer, but the global crime rate had gone down 70%. It was a line a character said at the very end that made me realize how horrible it all was though. Throughout the show I was not on Light’s side, yet I was still taken aback by the ending, even though I knew what was going to happen.

Sorry, I’m trying not to give any spoilers just in case there are people out there who still haven’t seen the anime but want to. Please don’t do what I did and push it off. It’s a great show. I honestly think everyone should watch it, even if you aren’t into anime. Like I said before, it’s not a typical anime. This show could very easily be related to Dexter, in my opinion, so if you’re a fan of that, definitely give Death Note a shot. If you’re still hesitant, here’s a short little summary of the show:

Light Yagami is an idealistic kid hoping to rid the world of all evil by killing those he deems wrong, like criminals. His weapon to kill is a Death Note, a notebook dropped on Earth by a god of death, a shinigami. The show revolves around Light and the police force trying to take down who is behind all the murders. Who is leading the investigation? Light Yagami’s father. Throw in the best detective, and it gets real interesting. The show is sure to keep you on your toes.


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