Ever since I was a kid, I've been told I have a hyperactive imagination. I use to have a lot of nightmares when I was little, and even a few as I got older. I haven't had a bad one for a while now. Last night changed that. I was watching Moana with some friends... Continue Reading →



Today I realized how long it has been since I last posted here.... My bad. I don't even have an excuse. I've been lacking in¬†writing. I hardly even work on my stories, as sad as that makes me. Ideas are still flowing. I even started a new story, well the basics. Let's not get into... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts 10/28/16

Yeah, I don't really know what I'm doing right now. I just wanted to blog. It's currently 10:40 a.m., and I am done with my classes for today! It's also Friday. I have a few big projects coming up, but I have time. I should be finding better ways to study for my biology class,... Continue Reading →

First year college student

Hey guys! Sorry about not posting in awhile. I haven't worked on any of my writing recently actually. Before, it was packing, then came my trip to Texas, then came college packing, and finally... college. If you guys don't already know, I'm a first year student at San Diego State University. SDSU was not my... Continue Reading →

Dad’s birthday

If you guys don't know my parents are divorced. I am not very close with my father, but today is his legal birthday. Happy birthday, Dad! By legal, I mean that he was technically born yesterday. The doctors in India messed up his birthday or something, I'm not sure. I know for the last few... Continue Reading →


Cruising along the calm river I turn to see the clusters of spirits. They flutter in the wind near the shores, Resembling a bond Of the biggest hearts on earth. Surrounded by the yellow glowing sun, The touch of the rays radiates heat. The warmth encircles me in a tender hug, Providing me with tranquility.... Continue Reading →

Story time: Scream

Hello all! I was thinking about what to blog about, when I remembered a funny story from when I was a little tiny tot. At the time, I was terrified by everything that happened, but it's really funny when I look back on it. I still can't watch a scary movie alone though. Even with... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Birthday

Hi guys! Happy New Year! Yes, yes, I realize I'm a bit late. Oh, Happy Christmas! ...I just said said Happy Christmas instead of Merry Christmas.... Don't know where that came from. Probably some book I'm reading. Anyways! I have my finals next week. I've lucky enough to have gotten two done, so I won't... Continue Reading →

5 things to look forward to

Five things I'm looking forward to in the future: College! A new life with new people and reaching out into the big giant world. A brand new experience I can't wait to jump into. Traveling! I don't care if it's across the country or across the globe. Being able to experience what's out there has... Continue Reading →

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