Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been told I have a hyperactive imagination.

I use to have a lot of nightmares when I was little, and even a few as I got older. I haven’t had a bad one for a while now.

Last night changed that.

I was watching Moana with some friends when I realized how bad my head was hurting. I quickly went back to my room and showered. I jumped right into bed after that, skipping the nightly routine of writing in my journal.

First, I could not fall asleep. Second, I kept waking up every time I did fall asleep. Third?

My roommate is trying out for the dance team, so she had to wake up early. She ended up waking me up because of how much I was panting and moving in my sleep. I woke up sweating.

I have not had a nightmare that got to me that much since I was in ninth grade. I don’t want to get into the nightmare because it involves some aspects of my life I would prefer to keep private.

My eyes are still tinged with red, even after I put in multiple eye drops.

Why do nightmares affect us so? I’m genuinely curious. Also, did something trigger a memory yesterday, or did my mind just recall this on its own? I wasn’t thinking of what was in my nightmare earlier on. I don’t really understand.

When’s the last time you all had a nightmare? Did you have a nice dream last night? What happened?


iTunes shuffle

So, I put my iTunes on shuffle, and here are the first 10 songs that came up…

  1. The Anthem by Good Charlotte
  2. Ik Junoon (Paint It Red) from this Bollywood movie called Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
  3. Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin
  4. Enth e nd by Linkin Park
  5. Master of Tides by Lindsey Stirling
  6. I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz
  7. Will The Circle Be Unbroken from Bioshock Infinite
  8. Irresistible by Fall Out Boy
  9. A Team by Ed Sheeran
  10. Love Again by Pentatonix

Pricey books

Hey again! This is just a short mini post/rant about books being expensive.

Before you start, I know that there are reasonably priced books as well, but it’s so frustrated going to a book store and only having enough money on me to buy like three books. I don’t even go that much, because my mom complains about the prices.

I don’t even have that many books, yet she seems to think otherwise. Honest, I only have one shelf lined up. I’m not really into audio books or ebooks, because I’m that idiot who likes the smell of new books.

No, but really. I prefer holding a book in my hand. I find that I pace myself a lot better.

The most annoying thing is that old books are expensive. I understand the new ones, since they’re new (obviously), but why are the older books so expensive?

Ugh, okay. I’m done. I know paper is expensive, but it still makes me sad. I could probably own my own library and still want more books. Oh well.

CAHSEE schedule

CAHSEE schedule is a blessing.

You guessed it! It’s that blessed time of year where freshmen and sophomores take the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) and juniors and seniors get to arrive at school late.

Being a junior, I am extremely excited. I take a zero period, meaning I start school at 7:23 on most days, but 8:41 on Tuesdays. My school day ends at 3:10, but this Tuesday and Wednesday I get to start school at 11:36.

I won’t be sleeping in like many of my friends, for I’ll be trying to get some homework done early.

I promise, I’m not always an overachiever, but I wish I was. It’s because I have choir concerts this week, which take up a lot of time.

Anyways! Back to the waking up early, I’m just happy because I’ll have time to actually wake myself up instead of being a zombie through my morning classes. I mean, even if I don’t get a whole lot of work done, I still have time to actually eat breakfast or maybe read or write, not that I don’t read or write in school. I actually have a lot of downtown in some of my classes… 

It’s not that I don’t have the time to eat breakfast, but I’m the type of person who can’t eat when I wake up on a school day, or any day I have to go somewhere in  the morning, because I get anxious. Believe me, on a Saturday, I wake up and am ready for lunch. I just get anxious. Like at choir camp this year, I barely ate any real meals. I just wasn’t hungry. 

Don’t really know where I was going with that thought…

Anywho! I’m very excited for getting to have some me time. I don’t know if I’ll actually get up to be productive, but productiveness can be many things. It’s just a matter of its personal, school related, or writing related. Writing is always a fun accomplishment. Seriously though, I need to work on my next chapter of this story….

Hope to talk to you all later! Bye! Thanks for reading. I hope you have a lovely night/day/afternoon!

How to survive being sick

It’s that time of year where everyone around you is sick. Even though you’ve been extremely careful, you still get stuck with the bug. Now what? You’re tired and can’t do anything even if you want to. Well, here’s some general ideas to keep yourself occupied!

1) Obviously you’re going to need lots of rest, and don’t worry about it. Sleep an entire day away if you’re really that tired.

2) Read a book. You know that book you’ve been trying to read for months now, but haven’t had the time? Well, you have time now!

3) Take a nice hot shower. Feeling the hot beads of water pressing against you will definitely make you feel more fresh.

4) Take a bath. I know some people don’t like baths, but once in a while is okay. It will help relax you’re entire body and just ease up any tension you have.

5) Catch up on that Netflix! Sadly, I do not have Netflix, but if I did I’d never get off it. Now you have an excuse to sit around and watch it all day though, so why not take it the opportunity?

6) Listen to music. Loud. Soft. Whatever you want. Whenever I’m sick I like to dance around to loud music, because it makes me move around.

7) Move around. I’m not saying you should go run a mile, but I personally hate staying in one place when I’m sick. I want to go for walks or maybe even a stroll to Target. Just away from the bed.

8) Wear your comfiest¬†clothes. I don’t care if it’s summer, I will always wear my fuzzy pajamas when I’m sick.

9) Call someone. We tend to text a lot, but calling someone can make a difference, especially when you’re sick and you’re talking to someone you don’t get to talk to that often.

10) Look through old photos.

11) My personal favorite is to just grab some tea and a stuffed animal and snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie with a blanket.