Gems of the Night

Sitting on his full-sized bed With my arms around his cobalt pillow, I stare into his back as he digs through the box.   The tattered cardboard box, Home to the many treasures, Was no longer a packed item.   My brother strides back and forth. To the bed. To the box. Repeat. Each time,... Continue Reading →



Ever since I was a kid, I've been told I have a hyperactive imagination. I use to have a lot of nightmares when I was little, and even a few as I got older. I haven't had a bad one for a while now. Last night changed that. I was watching Moana with some friends... Continue Reading →

iTunes shuffle

So, I put my iTunes on shuffle, and here are the first 10 songs that came up... The Anthem by Good Charlotte Ik Junoon (Paint It Red) from this Bollywood movie called Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin Enth e nd by Linkin Park Master of Tides by Lindsey Stirling I... Continue Reading →

Pricey books

Hey again! This is just a short mini post/rant about books being expensive. Before you start, I know that there are reasonably priced books as well, but it's so frustrated going to a book store and only having enough money on me to buy like three books. I don't even go that much, because my... Continue Reading →

CAHSEE schedule

CAHSEE schedule is a blessing.You guessed it! It's that blessed time of year where freshmen and sophomores take the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) and juniors and seniors get to arrive at school late.Being a junior, I am extremely excited. I take a zero period, meaning I start school at 7:23 on most days, but 8:41 on Tuesdays.... Continue Reading →

How to survive being sick

It's that time of year where everyone around you is sick. Even though you've been extremely careful, you still get stuck with the bug. Now what? You're tired and can't do anything even if you want to. Well, here's some general ideas to keep yourself occupied! 1) Obviously you're going to need lots of rest,... Continue Reading →

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